<82r> [1]

The Information of Elizabeth Groom wife of Thorp Groom of Bare ally in Seacoal Lane in St. Sepulchres parrish Gentleman 29th. dauy of Aprill 1699

She saith That about February last Cornelius Dyer late Prisoner in the Gatehouse brought to the Deponent & her husband a Crown in Counterfeit shillings and six pences wrapt up in a brown paper and slipping it in the paper into her husband's hand said mr. Groom there is the money I owe you and imediately went away and her husband opening the paper found in it 5s. of new counterfeit money And that a few daies before she did seem the hand of the said Dyer a long narrow board with a Slitt in the Midle of one of the sides the length of the board was about a foot and the breadth 2 or 3 inches and the said Dyer said it was to make an Edger by putting a file into the slitt And that some daires after (but before the above mentioned delivery of the Crown) the said Dyer shewed the Deponent a parcell new counterfeit Milld shillings and sixpences with 2 pieces of counterfeit Dutch money amongst them and asking the Deponent if they were not good things said that he would do them better yet so that nobody should refuse them and being of a sweat said that he had been hard at work and that his shirt was wet on his back and that the Charcoal fire made him faint because he had not used it so long and that he was going on the other wise the water to buy some Metall at the Copper house of Ia one of the man And a litle before he the said Dyer told the Deponent <82v> that he had been at the Warden's and the Warden told him that he hoped he was not at work again and litle thought he was and the Deponent saying that he should have askt the Warden for money to sett up he replyed that would have been wise work indeed And the Deponent hath heard the said Dyer confess that he has coyned at the King's head by Billingsgate and at other places before he was an evidence And that on Wednesday night last Sarah Dobson a lodger in the house of Mrs. Hayes at the sign of the Cradle in Shandois street brought to the Deponent six shillings in counterfeit shillings and sixpences and had 3s. of good money for the same. And that the Deponent representing that they were dear she replyed that she (meaning Nurse Ha{rtl}ey as the Deponent apprehends) could afford them no cheaper and the last night about 7 or 8 at night the said mrs Dobson brought 5s more counterfeit money and the Deponent's husband gave her 2s 6d for the same and presently after Mr Saker and others to whom the Deponent had made the matter known apprehended the said mrs Dobson who imediatly declared that Nurse Hartley made the same in her's the said Dobson's room and that the Tooles for making the same were to be found there and then the Deponent going thither with the said mr Saker and others to search for the Tools found there in a hand basket and some counterfeit money in a Drawer and some pieces of Metall to make the some broke off from the false money that was found in the basket the Deponent saith further that about 2 months ago the said Nurse Hartley brought about 6 or 8s. of counterfeit money not yet coloured to the house of the said mrs Dobson and offered to sell it to the said mrs Dobson but the said mrs Dobson refused to buy the same and the said Nurse Hartley at the same time telling the said Mrs Dobson that she had a room in a place as safe <83r> as a pallace if she would but come and be with her but the said Dobson refused at that time to goe with her though she afterwards removed thither

the mark {of}
Eliz Groome


[1] 167

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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