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The Information a Cecilia Labree 23d. Feb: 16989

She saith That in last May was a twelve month Iohn Kiston who keeps the Coffee house at the                       

Saith That when the Deponent's Press was sett up at the house of Iohn Kisten the Deponent's father in Law Samuel Tibbs and one Maximilian Laloo were present and Laloo helpt to set up the said Press and put in Blanks to be coyned and that when the said Press was set up at the house of the said Kiston they had blanks there mixed of two parts of Gold and one part of silver ready to be coyned but did not coyn many of them but tryed the Press by coyning blanks of Copper and other blanks of lead and the Press broke in putting up either the Copper blanks and Laloo said that the Gold was too hard and saith also that some of the Copper blanks were coyned very well

Cicilia Labree


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
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