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The Examination of Lingen Herring foot Soldjer in the first Regiment of Guards cammanded by the Right Honourable Henry Earle of Romney in Colonell Primrose's Company 14 Feb: 16989

Who being examined saith That about 9 of the Clock this forenoon one Iosiah Cook who is now in custody came to this Examinant at the Redd Lyon in Eagle street in the parrish of St. Gyles in the fields and the said Cook called the Examinant from the Company where he was then drinking and told him that if he would gett another person to stand bayle with this Examinant for a Gentlewoman they should be treated and that he this Examinant and any person that he should get to stand bayle with him should personate any person that was a Tradesman and a house Keeper and that they would not be enquired after and that no dammage would ensue to them for so doing, so this Examinant did tell this Fellow Soldjer the Matter who did consent to stand bail with him as aforesaid and this Examinant did pretend that his name was Iames Ienkins a Barber and a Perriwigg maker over against the Maypole in the strand on purpose that his Rocognizan{ce} might be taken before the Warden of the Mint for a Gentlewoman that the said Cook mentioned to them and this Examinant's Fellow Soljer pretended that his name was Henry Hammand over against the Almes houses in the parish of St. Giles in the fields tho her name is Daniel Wheeler and this Examinant and the said Wheeler put off their Soldjers Clothes in purpose that the Warden of the Mint might believe them to be Tradesmen as aforsaid.

Lingen Herring


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[2] Capt die et anno prredict
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