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The Examination of Iosiah Cook of Eagle street of St. Gyles in the fields in the County of Middlesex Chyrurgeon 14 February 16989

Who being examined saith that this morning there came a woman to this Examinant at his Lodging in Eagle street aforesaid and brought this Examinant a Letter from one Mr. Lawson which is now produced Contends of which Letter was to desire this Examinant to procure two persons to be Bayle for one Mrs. Broadhurst who is in custody and about 9of the Clock this forenoon he this Examinant mett with these two soldjers at the Redd Lyon in Eagle street and desire them to stand baile for a Gentlewoman and told them that there no dammage ensue to them for being bayle and this Examinant told the said Soldjers who are now in custody that the Gentlewoman would give them a treat that they were to do bayle for the two men now in custody had their Soldjers Habbitt on when this Examinant mett with them first

Iosiah Cooke


[1] 148

[2] Capt. die & anno preedict
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