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The Information of Bazill Turton of Wells street by Wells Close by Goodmans fields Taylor 8 Feby 16989

Saith that about 3 or 4 dayes or a week before Mr. Lawson and mrs. Broadhurst and Io {Hur}son were apprehended and brought before me which was about a month ago Mrs. Lawson the wife of the said Mr Lawson gave the Informant something wrapt in a Cloth which felt hard and round and bid him give it to Mr. Iohnson when he saw him for her husband wanted it And as the Informant went out of the house he mett the said Iohnson and gave it to him and bid him give it to Mr. Lawson and that one or more dayes after the said persons were apprehended and brought before me as above he and the said Iohnson went to search in a Dunghill by Fleet Ditch for Flasks and Crucible which the said Iohnson ahd his there and Iohnson finding the Crucibles gave them to the Informant and bid him give them to Mrs. Lawson and about 3 dayes after the Informant and the said Iohnson and Mrs. Lawson went with a Candle and Lanthorn and fire shovell to digg in the Dung hill for the Flaskes but could not find them

Bazill Turton


The Informant saith also that about a fortnight ago he askt Thomas Shaw a Smith in Wapping by meeting house ally near the Three Compasses to strike some Spanish pistolls and the said Shaw brought a parcell of about 10 pistolls ready struck and gave the Informant two of them for which the Informant was to give him 12d. a piece and that the said Shaw then struck another Spanish Pistoll, for the Informant and the Informant gave him a Groat for striking out

Baz: Turton


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

[3] Iurat die et Anno preedict
Coram Is Newton

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