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The Examination of Iohn Deacon of Leadenhall Market Grocer Febry 16989

He saith that about 2 years ago Iohn Deverill (who formerly made Sword Hilts) brought to the Examinant's house a Deal box nailed down which was heavy and a few days after he brought or sent a great Iron Wedge to the Examinant's house and left it there and the Examinant seeing the said Deverell no more for above 12 a year after opened the box to see what was in it and found in it a heavy {Masery} piece of Iron about {8} or 10 inches broad and 14 or 15 inches long hollow in the midle and that the Examinant sold the said wedge for old Iron and afterwards meeting with Deverill bid him fetch his box away and Deverill did so. afterwards about 12 a year ago the said Deverill and one Lawson comeing to the Deponents (which is the Swan Tavern in Leadenhall Market) to drink they brought with them a new wedge shorter then the former and left it there desiring the Examinant to lay it by which the Examinant did for about a month and then sent Iohn {Aunger} a Cooper and Kinsman of the Examinant to throw it away and he threw it into the Thames and that about 12 a year ago the said Lawson desired the Examinant to let him have the use of his Garret one day for about 2 houres and had there a Cha{ss}{ff}ing Dish of fire and his wife was with him there to assist him but what they did together the Examinant knows not the Examinant saith further that he never was concerned with the said Lawson or Deverell or any others in making or putting off false money nor knoweth and thing of their concern in such practises

Ino Deacon


[1] 142

[2] Capt 5° die Feby 16989
cor: Is Newton

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