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The Information of Katherine Coffee wife of Patrick Coffee Goldsmith late of Aldermanbury by Woodstreet 18 day of February 16989

That about 7 or 8 years ago she hath seen Will Chaloner now prisoner in Newgate often coyn French pistolls with stamps and a hammer in Oat Lane by Noble street up 3 pair of staires and that the blanks of which he coyned them were silver guilt and her said husband and Ios: Grosvenor the brother in law of the said Will Chaloner used to make the said blanks of silver and Mrs. Grosvenor the wife of the said Io: Grosvenor used to guild them and the Deponent never did hear or see that any other person then the {said} <59v> Chaloner struck them or had the said Dyes in keeping

And the Deponent hath heard that the said Dyes were made by one Taylor and she cannot affirm what number of pistolls she may have seen coyned by the said Chaloner but believes that he seldom coyned fewer then 20 at a time and that she hath seen Guineas which were reputed Chaloners but never saw him coyn any

the mark
Kath Coffee


[1] 124

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
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