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The Deposition of Katherine Carter 24 Feb. 16989

She saith that about Iune or Iuly last she saw Willm Chaloner cast a piece of Dutch money and finish that and four others which he had cast before she sait{h} also that on the same day she saw the said Will Chaloner cast 15{s} of pewter or a Metall like pewter in imitation of the Current Coyn of this Realm and that he cast them in a mould of whole earth hardened like Potters ware and cast but one at time and cast them all successively in the same Mould and that she afterwards saw the said Chaloner clip off the rough edges of the said shillings and after he had finisht them he gave some of them to the Deponent to put off —     the Deponent saith also that there came this morning a woman to the Deponent in the name of one Mrs. Scott who is supposed to be one of Chaloners mistresses and begged of the Deponent not to concern herself against Chaloner lest she should do her husband a diskindness and she added that if she this Deponent did not concern herself against Chaloner the Government could not hurt her husband

the mark of
Kath Carter


[1] 122

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram
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