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The Examination of Elizabeth Holloway wife of Thomas Holloway who lodges in Kings street in St Gyles parish october 25 1698

She saith that about 13 months ago Michael Gillingham who keeps an alehouse at the Corner house in coming out of Buckingham Court by Charing Cross did agree with her husband Thomas Holloway that if he the said Holloway who was then an evidence for the King against William Chandler for combining to counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Realme would withdraw and go into Scotland the said William Chaloner should give him the said Thomas Holloway 20ll. and that the said Gillingham accordingly paid 9ll. thereof to the said Thomas Holloway and 3li to the master of the ship who was to carry the said Thomas Holloway into Scotland and his Family and whos{e} name was Iames Lawes and one pound to a Maid Servant of this Examinant who went with her children into Scotland In all 13ll but that the said William Chaloner wrote to her said husband in Scotland that he and this Deponent should there make affidavits and send them hither to mr. arnold to be communicated to the Committee of parliament of which he was Chairman in which affidavits Tho. Holloway should dissown that he had made any affidavit against the said <49v> Willm Chaloner or knew anything ill of him or had long known him and this Deponent was to confirm her husband's testimony but her said husband sent the said Chaloner word that he would do no such thing

and that about a year and 4 or 5 months ago she saw Willm Chaloner above mentioned alter the sum in an Exchecquer bill from 5 to 50l40 which hill have been given to the Examinants said husband Tho: Holloway by the Sheriffe in part of Conviction money and the Examinant bringing it to Mr. Gillingham to change the said Chaloner tok it washt out the summ with a spunge and dryed it and wrote in it the sum of 50li.40 and Mr. Chaloner returning the bill to the Examinant to put the Examinant refusing to put it off lest she should bring herself into trouble Mr. Gillingham called her fool and took the bill to put it off and afterwards told her that he had put it off to his Brewer

the mark of
Elizab Holloway


The Examinant further saith that she and her husband had severall parcells of False Guineas of Willm Chaloner to put off till about 2 years and a 12 ago and that the silver of one of those Guineas being worn off the said Chaloner about a year and 6 or 8 months ago guilt the said Guinea anew at his Lodgings being an oyler shop in St Iames's street and acknowledged that it was one of his Guineas and returned it back to Tho: Holloway the Examinants husband

the mark of
Eliz Holloway


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[2] Capt die + anno preedict Coram
Is Newton

[3] Capt March 14 16989 coram
Is Newton

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