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May the 18 1698

Edward Iones but his right name is Ivy took on him the name of Iones about 3 years since he lived in a Court near Grays Inn in Liccabone street 3 or 4 years he came for Ireland lived in London near 20 years had an Estate near Wincanton in Somerset there but lost it that sometime before the late Warr there came with Mr. Iohn Hickes to lodge and Examinants house and with his wife and daughter the said Hickes had a Countrey house at litle Chelsea and he first put Examinant on Clipping and coyning with one Cogswell a Gent that lived in London and Edward Brady put him first on Clipping that the Widdow Gardiner used to bring him five Baggs on a day of 100 each from a Servant of Sir Stephen Foxe's that he gave her {10s} for every bagg and used to clip the money and take to the value of 5 out of each bagg and return it to her and used to sell his Clippings to one Iacob a Goldsmith in {S}hod Lane hears that he now lives under the arch in Lincolns Fields that he gave 5s. 2d or 5s & 3d per oz he used to run it down and allay it and he allways gave it to Iacob rought he sold to Iacob 500 worth and dealt with him above 3 years he used also to sell to one that lives an Ironmonger he used to sell him Clipping sheers and sold him also great quantity of silver

Iohn Hickes Cogswell and Brady sold <40v> Clippings to the same person that he made a former discovery in London to one of the Secretary's and was promissed pardon but not being able to have them taken he could not get his parden and therefore fled here into Ireland

He says that one Chandler goes under the Notion of a Chymist who lives near Charing Cross makes and coyns pistoles and Guineas Examinant has had some of them from him about 4 years since has upwards of 2 pistols and Guineas believes he discovered him in England can bring his wife and severall to Convict him that he had been taken but that of one Iohn Gibbons porter at Whitehall whose busines is to take up Clippers and Coyners gives notice to all Coyners who by that means escape that the said Gibbons gave Examinant notice when Warrants were out against him That one Price a Watchmaker near Charing Cross that used to make the Impression for the Guineas and made all instruments about coyning and heard he made a Mill but never saw it can prove it by Eliz Iones and others

Edward Brady once servant to Sir Maurice Eustace but now lives in St. Ann's parish near Soho he clips and utters the false mill'd money that was made of Copper as while as Silver

One Iennings that marryed the Widdow Noyse of his brother used to coyn Guineas in England knows him if he sees him

That one Capt. Tuthill was a Clipper and Coyner used to clip in Examinants house in London keeps a Rape Mill but all his servants that he brought over with him are Clippers and Coyners to be heard of at North's house an ale seller in Castle street was told that Chandler came over hither great acquaintance with Tuthill Examinant never clipt nor coyned since he came. says that the clipt money was found in the Trunck was clipt and when found to be Brass they threw them aways says Chandler was the greatest Coyner in England

Mrs Charleton left the Trunk and Tools in his house whom he came acquainted with {her}


That William Deane who belongs to the Lottery of the Royall Oak is a Great Clipper and Coyner

Elizabeth Iones sold 400 oz of silver Examinant brought with him out of England for 5s. 4d per oz to Cuthbert the Goldsmith {twas} sold when he came fo{r} Ireland

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