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The Examination of Martha Browne now a Prisoner in the new prison at St. Iames's Clerkenwell 26th 7ber 1698

Who saith that about a quarter of a year ago this Examinant received a Spanish pistoll of Iohn Fountaine now in custody in order to pay for half pack loafe and this Examinant went with the said pistoll to one Ann Briggs of Rownd Court in French ally Goswell street in the parish of St Gyles {Criple} gate Widdow and desired the said Ann Briggs to fetch her a half peck loafe from the Bakehouse and pay for it with the said pistoll and the said Ann Briggs went accordingly to a Bakehouse and brought back a halfe peck loafe and said she had paid for it out of the said pistoll + brought back the rest of the money given in change for the pistoll aforesaid And about a week afterwards the said Ann Briggs came to this Examinant and brought her a Counterfeit Spanish pistoll which had a piece {cutt} off it and appeared to be of a White Metall of the inside of it and the said Briggs told this Examinant that the Bakers wife brought it so cutt to her and said it was the pistoll which the said Ann Brigs had paid for the loafe as aforesaid and this Examinant changed the said Counterfeit Spanish pistoll so cutt and afterwards threw it away

the mark of
Martha Browne


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[2] Capt die et anno preedict coram
        Is Newton

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