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The Information of Susanna Mann of St. Pancross parish or Kentish Town Middlesex widdow 5th 7ber 1698

She saith that in Iuly last at Kentish town aforesaid she did see Lawrence Coupe of Kentish towne aforesaid boyle about 5 or 6 shillings of counterfeit money and after he had boyled it he washed it in fresh water and rubbed it with a Cloth and dryed it by the fire and offered the Deponent 2d in the shilling to put 2s off but the Deponent not being able to put them away returned them to him and he said to her that he could have put away 20 of them. She saith also that about a week or fortnight after, she saw the said Lawrence Coupe againe boyle a parcell of Counterfeit shillings and wash and dry them as before

the mark of

Susanna Mann


[1] 56

[2] Iurat die Ana preedict coram
Is. Newton

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