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The Deposition of William Butler of Rupert street in St Iames's parish 3d Augt. 98

He sayth tion he hath known Robt. Lacy these seaven years and that about 6 or 7 years ago he the said Lacy was a prisoner in Newgate for high treason in clipping or counterfeiting the Current Coyn of this Kingdom that he was then condemned for the same and pardoned and upon pleading his Pardon gave the Deponent a pair of Gloves He sayth also that about Thursday or Fryday last he received a Counterfeit Guinea of the said Lacy and paid him 11s. for it and that on this present day this Deponent received three other Guineas of the said Lacy at the said rate at the Vnicorn in Cursitors ally in Chancery Lane and paid him for the same 12 half Crownes and 2s. besides a shilling which the Deponent had lent him this morning and that the said Lacy being apprehended had in his pocket 7 half Crownes and two shillings besides some half pence and began to fly before he was apprehended

Will Butler


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[2] Iurat coram Is Newton

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