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The Deposition of Henry Blaney of Orchard street in Westminster Bricklayer 10 Iuly 1698

He sayth that about a year and 12 ago in the time of the sessions wherein Ioseph Wing and Antho Hildyard were tryed at the old Bayly one Mrs. Guernsey who then lodged at the house of mr. Iohn Gibbons a Coffee man near charging cross and who was then reputed the great friend of the said Hildyard and is now his wife said to the said Iohn Gibbons in the hearing of the Deponent that she cared not what gratification she gave his wife and the said Gibbons said that he did not reguard that but he would do what he could to save Hildyard but would never trouble himself to save another The Deponent saith also that in the morning of the same day on which Ioseph Wing and Anth Hildyard above mentioned were tryed the said Iohn Gibbons gave order to a boy who was his servant to write 5 or 6 notes or above to so many severall Iurymen by whom the said Wing and Hildyard were to be tryed the Contents of which notes were to tell those Iurymen that Ioseph Wing and Anth Hildyard were to be tryed together and to desire them to be favourable to Hildyard The Deponent saith also that when the said Notes were written the said Gibbons delivered them to the Deponent and desired the Deponent to deliver them to the Iurymen and the Deponent did accordingly deliver them

Henry Blaney


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[2] Iurat Iuly 10 1698 coram
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