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The Examination of Mary Clark the wife of Robt. Clark of Robin Hoods Court in {Five} Lane in the parish of St. Andrews Holborn Yeoman taken this 12th. day of Augt. 1698

Who upon examination sayth that about 3 months this Examinants sister Susannah Bentley who then lived with this Examinant brought a wooden Box nailed up to this Examinants said hosue and told her that it had been left at one Mr. Gattons house at the Flying horse in Mytre Court Fleet street and that this Examinants said sister had the said box delivered to her by Gatton of some of this <7r> Famaly who her her at the delivery thereof that one Mr Read desired her to take the said box to this Examinant's house and let stand there for two or 3 dayes. And this Examinant further sayth that she sent her said sister severall times to one Mr Lacy's house in Newstreet near Fetter Lane where the said Rad used to frequent to tell Read or Lacy to fetch the said Box away from this Examinants house but Mrs. Lacy sent word by the said Susannah Bentley that she desired this Examinant to let the said Box stand in her house till she the said Mrs Lacy went abroad againe she being then lately brought to Bedd And this Examinant saith that upon Fryday or Saturday last part the said Mrs. Lacy came to this Examinants house and wanted the said Box and said that she would take it away for she could not tell but there might be some things in it that would damnify her husband if it was seized for that he was lately come into some trouble concerning putting away some false Guineas or words to that effect, and the day after (vizt on Sunday last{)} there came a Middle aged thick, short woman to this Examinant's and told her she came from Mrs. Lacy for the White Box that this Examinant had then in her custody and this Examinant did then deliver the said box to the said woman who carryed it away from this Examinants house but whether or who the said woman was this Examinant doth not know And this Examinant further saith that yesterday in the Evening the said Mrs Lacy came to this Informants house + wanted the said box of this Examinant who told her the said Mrs Lacy that she had sent her the said box according to her appointment and diretion and Lacy replyed that she was sorry for it for that she wanted it to send into the Countrey

the mark of
Mary Clark


[1] 13.

[2] augt 12th. 1698
Capt coram
     Is Newton

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