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The Information of William Pool of Westminster in the county of Middlesex Victualler taken upon oath this 14th day of Iuly 1698

Who saith that in May 1697 he this Informant had notice by Mrs Sarah Ilbury and Robt. Little and afterwards by one Roger Potts son in law to one Iohn Holt of peter street Westminster. That upon searching the house of the said Iohn Holt in Peter street aforesaid some Metall had been thrown out over the pates into a Ditch, and this Informant did then at the assize of the said Iohn Holt and by the assistance of the said Roger potts search the said Ditch and there found 65 ounces of Metall and by the consent of the said Holt delivered the same into the hands of the said Sarah Ilbury and Robt. Little, and Sarah Ilbury and Robt. Little at the same tyme desired this Informant to let them have a room to put a press in to coyn which the Deponents wife reused He saith also that in Aprill 1697 the said Holt desired this Informant to go imediatly to his said Son in Law Roger potts and to {ri}de him to shew him the Bean-Mill and said that in that Mill was hid about 50ll. of Counterfeit half Crownes and confessed to this Deponent and Mrs Ilbury that he had coyned the same in that Mill. The said Iohn Holt at the same tyme told this Informant also that he had been trying to make shillings of the New coyn and thad made two and hid them under the Hearth and could not find them and that he could make Moulds of {Alablaster} to coyn new shillings in And the said Robt Little did about the same tyme tell this Informant that he the said Little did not much concern himself in Silver but what he did was in Gold and the said Little then shewed this Informant two false Guineas stamped with the scepters but not yet guilt

This Informant further saith That in or about Iune 1697 the said mrs Ilbury was drinking at this Informants house in Westminster and did then and there pay to this Informant upon the account of her Recconing the shilling now produced and he asking her the said Ilbury how or where she had it she told him that she clipt, filed and edged it her self with severall other shillings which she the said <4r> Ilbury then shewed to this Informant but said that the proffitt which she got thereby was so small that she must find out some other Invention or way of living for that would not do And this Informant further saith that he hath heard the said Mrs. Ilbury severall times declare that she used to go two or 3 times a week to Kentish Towne to make false money with Timothy Charnock Henry Cope and Iohn Holt aforesaid with the Mill which was found at the said Cope's house

the mark of
William Pool


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