To the Officers of {the} Chester Mint


Wee are much concern'd to hear of the continu'd quarrells amongst you at the Mint & the storys relating thereto are so directly opposite one to the other that all Wee can say to the matter, till Wee hear both sides together, is, that Wee believe both sides much in the wrong, & resolve to Come & hear it Our Selves

But that the publick business may not stopp in the mean time, Wee do hereby strictly charge & command you, that the melting & Coynage goe on without any interuption, that money to the severall Importers be duly issued in course, as soone as pix'd and assay'd, & that the same be actually paid ('till the Deputy Master returne) by Mr Lewis, & Mr Robinson with whome the Masters Key will be trusted & You the Warden & Comptroller are to see the same be done accordingly.

Till Wee come let there be no further quarrelling, but let the publick business be peaceably carry'd-on, as it ought to be: for the Mint will not allow of the drawing of swords, & assaulting any, nor ought such Language, Wee hear has been, be used any more amongst You

We are

Your Loving Friends

Is. Newton

Tho Neale

Tho: Molyneux


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