To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of Her Majestys Treasury

May it please your Lordshipps

In obedience to your Lordshipps Order of Reference of the 20th Febry last past, We have Consider'd the Petition hereunto annexed of Mr. Ralph Looke + Mr. Samll. Wallford late Melters of Bristoll + Exeter Mints, together with their respective Bills for the extraordinary Charges, they have been at in providing Charcoale for the dispatch of the publick Businenesse and in makeing up the King's sweep of the first Melting.

The substance of their Petition to the sweep Wee find upon Enquiry to be matter of fact, and what the Melters of the severall Country Mints have often laid before us in order to be reliev'd, but what we have all along put off, untill we had sufficient authority from your Lordshipps to allow these extraordinary Charges.

We therefore presume to lay before your Lordshipps that upon examining their Bills annexed to their Petition, We are of opinion that the summe of 140l: is a sufficient allowance to each of the Petitioners for makeing up the sweep of the first Melting. that they do deserve the further summe of 50l: each for the extraordinary Charges they have been at in buying Charcoale And that Mr. Looke haveing provided at his own Cost all the Melting Potts + severall other Vtensills for the use of Bristoll Mint, and paid the Charges of Carryage (all which in other Mints were provided + payd for by the King) doth deserve the summe of 33l: 07s: 06d over + above his other allowances

All which is Humbly submitted to your Lordshipps

great Wisdom by


I Stanley

Is: Newton

Ino. Ellis

[1] Mint Office 18 March

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