To the Queens Most Excellent Majesty

The Humble Petition of the Officers of Her Majestys Mint


That the Warden Workmen Moneyers and other Ministers appointed for the Service of the Mint have by Ancient priviledge always been freed exempted & discharged from being putt into any Assizes Iurys Inquests or Attaints and that none of them against his Will should be Mayor Sheriff Bayliff, Escheator, Constable Collector Inquisitor, or Assessor, nor bear any other Office nor Service whatsoever within the City of London and submits thereof or any other City or place where they Inhabit, & where their Estates do Lyes, and that every of them should likewise be freed from all Imprests such Actions, Arrests, Attaints &c without leave first had from the Warden of Her Majestys Mint and that none of them should be molested distrained or otherwise grieved in their Lands Tenements Rents Goods and Chattels as by ancient Charters from the Crowne confirmed by Your Majestys Letters patents and of several of Your Majestys progenitors and predecessors Kings and Queens of England may appear as likewise by particular Orders of the Court of Exchequer and other precedents remaining in the Office of the Mint.

That notwithstanding such Exemptions and Iust Privilidges always Granted to the Wardens, Workmen, Monyers and other Ministers Attendants of the said Office, Several of them have been and are at this time molested and troubled by the Impositions of several Offices and Duties as well within the Wards of the City as elsewhere and by the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen threatned with Imprisonments and fined if they refuse, and that a Distress was made the 7th. of December last upon the Good of Thomas Kemp, one of the Moneyers, by Warrant dated the 30th. November Signed by Iohn Lade, Saml. Lewin, Thos. Malyn, and Edmd. Reading Deputy Lieuts: of the County of Surrey William Breton Clerk.

All which being contrary to the express Words of their Charter and tending to the Destruction of their Corporation & to the Obstruction of Coinage & increase of the Charges thereof, by reason that the Service to be performed in the Office of the Mint is of that Consequence & Natura{l} requisite & necessary & that the neglect thereof is not answerable or Excusable by pretence of any other Employment whatsoever.


Your Petitioners therefore humbly Pray that Your Majesty would be Graciously pleased to give such Orders about the Premisses, that the above said Distress may be returned and that the Officers, Monyers, Workmen and others Ministers and Attendants now or hereafter belonging to Your Majestys Mint may enjoy their ancient Privilidges and that they and every of them be Exempted & freed from all manner of personal Offices and Duties whatsoever within the City of London and suburbs thereof and other places of their Abode and from Arrest prest Imprisonment Molestation or fine to be putt upon them or any of them for refusing to bear any such offices A like Order of Council for all the Officers of the Ordnance having been made 8th: Iune 1664 who have no such Charters or Letters pattents for the Confirmation of their privilidges as the Officers of Her Majestys Mint have

And Your Petitioners as {in} Duty bound shall Ever pray.

I Stanley

Is: Newton

In Ellis. Cum alüs

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