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Sir Isaac Newton & Mr Essington & Partners are calld in

Mr Essingtons proposalls read

Sir Isaac objects against the manner of assaying proposed by them and gives their Lordships an account of the method now used in the Mint

Lord Stanhope acquaints them that Sir Isaac Newton shall deliver over to them a small Quantity of Farthings which shall be assay'd in such manner as shall be agreed upon, And if the proposers will furnish the Mint with Copper which upon the assay shall prove to be as good as that now furnished and at a lower price than that now brought into the Mint; Their Lordships will give Sir Is. Newton directions to Contract with them accordingly

My Lords direct the Master of the Mint to Contract with the petitioners for 5 Tons of Copper at the same price now given, An assay of which is to be compared with a like assay of the Copper now coyning and the Difference between both to be stated and layd before my Lords

Mr Wood & Mr Iones may furnish the like Quantity (vizt 5 Tons each) at the same price & the same Conditions

[1] Mr. Essingotns proposals about Copper

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