To the Right Honourable the Earle of Oxford and Earle Mortimer, Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain

May it Please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordship's Order of Reference of the 7th of Ianuary last upon the Annexed Petition of Mr. Iames Clerk and Mr. Ioseph Cave conjunct Ingravers of her Majesties Mint in Scotland, craving an Allowance for making Puncheons for the use of that Mint, Wee humbly represent to your Lordship that we have considered the same, and finding that they are only allowed a Sallary of 50li per Annum between them for sinking and finishing of Dyes and have no Allowance for Puncheons, wee are humbly of opinion they be allowed for their Work of this Kind after the following Rates Vizt

For the shilling head and Reverse fifteen pounds; for the six penny Head and Reverse Ten pounds (which were the Rates allowed to the Gravers of the Mint in the Tower for the like Puncheons made by them for the late recoinage of the Monies in Scotland), also for the four penny head and Reverse Eight pounds; for the three penny head and Reverse seven pounds; for the Two penny Head and Reverse six pounds; and for the penny Head and Reverse four pounds in all Fifty pounds.

As for the Extraordinary trouble of the Officers of that Mint during the recoinage, Wee humbly certifie to your Lordship that wee have hitherto reported no allowance, and that wee find that Mr. Caves attendance was without Order & Voluntary

All which is most humbly submitted to

your Lordships great Wisdom


Crav: Peyton

Is. Newton

E. Philipps


Report of the Officers of the Mint upon the petition of Mr. Clerk and Mr. Cave joint Gravers of the Mint in Scotland.

[1] Mint Office the 16th Iuly 1712

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