To the most Honourable the Lord High Treasurer of great Britain.

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Order signified to us by Mr Taylour's Letter of the 28th instant, concerning the manner time & place of trying the Pix of her Majesties Mint at Edinburgh & whether the Pix of the Mint in the Tower should be tried at the same time: We humbly represent that in our opinion it is convenient that the Pixes of both Mints be tried together at Westminster in one of her Majesties houses after the usual manner specified in the Indenture of her Majesties Mints at such a time as shall be appointed by her Majesty in Council, so that the Officers of the Mint at Edinburgh may have timely notice to send or bring up their Pix to London. The most convenient time is when days are long, suppose in May or Iune, that the whole trial may be dispatched in one day for avoiding of unnecessary charge & trouble. And because the trial ought to be in one of her Majesties houses, we humbly conceive that a new furnace should be erected in one of them where it may be safely performed, the expence thereof being inconsiderable.

All which is most humbly submitted to your

Lordships great wisdome


C: Peyton

Is. Newton

In Ellis


Report of the Officers of the Mint about the tryall of the Pixes.

read 31 Ianry 1709.
My Lord will speak to my Lord chancellour to appoint the day in Iune or Iuly.

6 May 1710
My Lord speak to my Lord Chancellour to appoint some day in the begining of August.

Papers relating to the Mint in Scotland

[1] Mint Office
31th Ian 1709.

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