May it please your Lordships

The Salary of the Warden of his Majesties Mint is only 400 per annum with a house of 40 per annum & his perquisites are only 3 12s per annum for sea coales: all which, Taxes being deducted, is so small in respect of the Salaries & Perquisites of the other Officers of the Mint as suffices not to support the authority of his Office.

For the Salary of the Master & Worker is 500 per annum with a house & very great perquisites & the salaries of the other Officers are proportional, besides their late additional Salaries & allowance of Assistants. For their Salaries upon occasion of the present coynage are at least doubled; & those of the Clerks are encreased almost in the same proportion.

And the Warden is now at much greater expenses & pains then formerly in going constantly to the Mint, overseeing & setting forward the coynage & pixing the money for which he has need of a Deputy.

Wherefore I most humbly pray your Lordships to take into your consideration & to give such Orders for the support of the Wardens Office as your Lordships shall think fit

Your Lordships most humble

& most obedient Servant

Isaac Newton


For the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesties Treasury

Read 16 Iun 96

My Lords at the end of this Coynage will give him a Consideration extraordinary suitable to his trouble + proportionable to the Increase allowd to the other officers for this extra Coynage. But this to be done out of the Coynage money.

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