A method proposed of taking in the Plate.

The Officers of the Mint or some of them to receive & lock up the Plate imported & give Receipts of the gross weight in this or some such form.

Iune    1711.

Received then by A. B. of G. H.            ounces        penny weights of old Plate which at 5s 5d per ounce amounts unto the summ of                       to be allowed in her Majesties Receipt of Exchequer pursuant to an Act of Parliament entituled An Act &c

A. B.

The said Officers to deliver out the Plate in parcels by weight to the melting pot, to see that nothing else be put into the Pot, & to take back the Ingots produced & deliver them to the Master & Worker by weight & assay to be coined, & the Melter to make up the deficiency of the gross weight by supplies of standard silver, the Queen allowing him the sweep &        per pound weight Troy for his wast & charges of melting to be paid by the Master out of the new moneys which shall be coined out of this supply.

The Master to give receipts of the said Ingots by weight & assay & pay the produce in new moneys by weight & tale to her Majesties or your Lordships Order, & take Receipts thereof And all the Receipts to be cut out of books from Duplicates & the Duplicates to be countersigned by the parties to whome t{he} Receipts are given. And all the deliveries to be also entered by the Clerks of the Mint in books which they shall keep for that purpose. And when this coinage is over the whole Account to be poured upon Oath in the next annual Accounts of the Warden & Master by the Receipts & Duplicates & by a Controllment Roll. And all this to be done by her Majesties Warrant.

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