To the Right Honourable the Earl of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of great Britain.

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Order of Reference of the 12t Instant upon the Memorial hereunto annexed, we have considered the said Memorial & since by experiments made in that Mint the silver in melting with Scotch coal & lading out refines about three half penny weight in the pound weight Troy as is alledged in the said memorial & the moneys coyned by the ancient method of that mint have passed the trialls of the Pix & in the last trial proved standard full & there is no time at present for making experiments to bring this matter to an exacter regulation. We are humbly of opinion that the Officers of the said Mint may be still allowed to use their ancient method of allaying the molten silver to make it standard untill the present recoinage of the moneys in Scotland shall be finished. the Indenture of the mint prescribing no particular method for melting provided it be standard

All which is humbly submitted to
your Lordships great wisdom.


[1] Mint Office 14 Novemb.     1707.

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