Indenture &c.
Iohn Lonison
14. Eliz.

And for the Covenants + Agreements Grants + premisses abovesaid well + truely to be holden + performed on the parte of the said Master, And that he shall bear himselfe towards Our Soveraigne Lady the Queen + her People in the same office well + Covennable + that he shall make Gree to the Queene The said Master hath made bodily Oath afore our Soveraigne Lady the Queene in her Chancery + bindeth himselfe his Heirs + Executors to our Soveraigne Lady the Queen by these presents, And for more surety to make Gree to the Queene + the Merchants of that belongeth to them of Gold + Silver which he shall receive by + in manner as is aforesaid while he shall be in the said Office, The aforesaid Master hath found Borrowes + Suretyes afore our soveraigne Lady the Queene in her Chancery aforesaid in the summe of Two Thousand Pounds and that upon pain thereof he shall make Gree to the Queenes Highnesse + to the Merchants in manner + forme as is abovesaid.

The same Verbatim In Sir Richd. Martin Indenture 2°. Iacobi. primi.

The same verbatim In Sir Richd. Martin knight and Richd. Martin his son 3°. Iacob. 1mi.

The same Indenture renowed 10°. Iacob. 1mi.

The same verbatim In Sir Robt. Harley knight of the Bath 2°. Carol. 1mi.

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