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The Deposicon of William Baxter of St. Martins Middx Cordwainer and Conble 13 Decembr 1698

Hee saith that about            one Owen being examd by Collo Bridall one of his majtys. Iustices of the Peace for Middx for Middx {sic} abot. a false Ginea {sic} which he had endeavoured to put off knowing the same to be bad the said Owen acknowledged that he know the same to be bad but pretended he did winn the same at play but knew not of whom but afterwards acknowledged to the Depont. and Tho: Isaacson Beadle of the said ꝑish that he had the same of one Atkins to put off whereupon the said Atkins being sent for + brought by the said Isaacson did before he saw the sd Ginea {sic} acknowledge that it was his and said that it had an Elephant upon it and that he had it at Play but he knew not of whom and at first he pretended that he lay with the said Owen a night or 2 before and knew not whether the said Owen might take the said Ginea {sic} out of his pocket or find it dropt upon the Bedd but afterwards he said he knew not whether he gave it to the said Owen or not and he confessed that he knew it to be bad

Will Baxter


Thomas Isaacson above menconed doth upon <52r> Oath affirm ye truth of the above written Deposicon + saith further yt wn he was sent to bring the said Atkins to be examd and w{as} coming in a Coach with the said Atkins the wife of the sd atkins being in the Coach said to the said Atkins that she had often told him that he would bring himself into trouble by such practises she then knowing that he was sent for to be examd abot. a false Ginea {sic}

Tho: Isaackson


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[2] Iurat die + anno preedict coram
     Is Newton.

[3] Iurat die + anno preedict coram
    Is Newton.

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