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The Informacon of Margaret Spellman wife of Nicholas Spellman of Rupert str ꝑish of St Iames Westmr yeoman 8th august 1698

Who saith that on Fryday last this Informt. was in company of one Mary Miller and Margery Iohnson in Rupert street aforesd and then and there the sd Margery Iohnson did declare yt Mary Miller had ruind a Family by bear swearing agt them and being treatcherous to ym + would take away their lives especially Mr Whitfields but yt her mother Whitfield had yt day fetcht her out of prison and paid part of her Fees and yt she (Margery Iohnson) would endeavr to cut off the Evidence of the sd Mary Miller which she had given agt Whitfield and his wife and called Miller Treatcherous Bitch and the day following which was Saturday <41v> the said Margery Iohnson came to this Informt. and did tell her that if she would swear agt. Mary Miller yt she this Informt. had seen her make false money she the said Margery Iohnson would help this Informt. to a friend yt would be very kind to her but this Depont. refusing to do so because she never saw any such thing by Miller The sd Margery Iohnson did then delare that if she would not swear agt. Miller as aforesd she would sear yt. this Depont had made false money in her sight and shewed this Informt. some money which was wrapt in a paper and said she would swear that she had it of this Informt.

And yt in the evening of the day that Mary Miller was apprehended this Informt saw one Mr Whitfield at his own Door in the ꝑish of St. Gyles Middx and the sd Whitfield told this Informt. yt Mary Miller had decryed a Countrey Gent (a Friend of his) and had sent him to Newgate abot. Counterfeit pistols but had Whitfield imployd any Trusty friend to have put off Counterfeit pistols he could have got 10l ꝑ week by it and named severall of his acquaintance that got 10li a week by putting off Counterfeit Spanish pistolls who lived in Wapping as Whitfield declared but this Informt cannot rember their names

the mark of
Margaret Spellman


[1] 93

[2] This Informacon was not sworn to

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