<25r> [1]

Middx The Exacacon of Iane Housdon wife of Anthony Housdon of Castle street in the parrish of St Martin's in the Fields in the said County of Middx Furrier 31 October 1698

Who sayth that abot. a year and a quartr. ago she became acquainted with one Mr Tuck by the means of one mr. Thorp, and the said mr. Tuck would have had this Examt. to have lived with him as his house Keeper and told her yt he intended to make False money but that she should not assist him in making it for that he would not trust any body to be in his company when he made counterfeit made That he told this Examinant that he intended only to make Dutch {illeg} <25v> and put ym. away to Dutch Merchts. by buying of goods of the Merchts with the said Counterfeit money and this Examt. further sayth yt she mett the said Tuck in Fleetstreet abot. Bartholomew Tyde last past and that they drank together and the said Tuck yn shewed to this Examinant a Counterfeit Milld shilling and this Examt. t{h}{illeg}|oo|k the same and shewed it to Mrs Tapley wi{illeg}|f|e of Watson Tapley of the ꝑish of St. Gyles in the Fields and Mary Brannon wife of Ioshua Brannon and this Examt. hath had within a quarter of a year last past severall summs of Counterfeit money of the said Mr. Tuck and sold the same to the said mrs. Brannon als Brooker who had some false money of this Examt. yesterday and this Examt. sold some of the said Counterfeit money to the said Mrs. Brannon after the rate of 20s. bad money for 10s of good and likewise some after the rate of 30s. of bad money for 10s. of good money and this Examt. further sayth that abot. 2 yeares ago this Examt. was apprehended by the name of Iane Newstead but her right name was Ioell and sent a prisoner to Woodstreet Compter for Clipping the currt. Coyn of the Kingdom but there being noe prosecution agt. her she was acquitted She this Examt. further sayth yt. she was apprehended yesterday by mr Robt. Saker and the said Saker then found in her custody abot. 4ll. of Counterfeit money which she had of the said      Tuck as likewise the Files now ꝑduced and yt. the sand which was found in her house by ye said mr saker hath been in her custody above 2 years past and was left with this Examt. by mr. Robt. Thorp aforsd

the mark of
Iane Housdon


[1] 61

[2] Capt die + anno preedict coram
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