To the Warden of his Majties. Mint in Chester in Cheshire
To be comunicated to the Master & Comptrollr. of that Mint


The businesse of the Countrey Mints now drawing towards an End, the Lords of the Treary are minded that {illeg}|{Wee}| should lay your Accts. before them, & for that End I desire you with the Assistance of the Master & Comptroller or all of you together to fill up the blank's in the inclos'd paper wth. all the care & Exactness you can, & then to returne it to me, or a faire copy therof sign'd by you all that we may rely upon it.

Where nothing was imported (as perhapps in the branch of wrought Plate betweene Novr. 4: 96 & Iuly: 97 or in that of publique Monie since Mar, 1st.) you are to fill upp the Blank's with Cyphers. And soe in the two last Columns, Cyphers are to be putt where nothing remain'd due to Importers, or nothing was reserv'd for melting, refining & Coyning. And in the two Column's, under Ingotts & Sweepe if in any case you did not add the sweepe to be Ingotts, in that case sett downe the weight of the Ingotts alone, wth. the Letter, I, before it:                     If you doe not knowe the Tale of the new Moneys made out of every branch imported, sett downe the whole ta{illeg}|l|e or sue of the Moneys made out of all the branches together from time to time, that is, from the beginning of the Coy{illeg}|nag|e to Novr. 4 | 96, thence to Iuly 1. 97, thence to Novr. 4. 97 and thence to March 1.st. or to the day of signing the paper: {Overag} the word Sume in the Enclos'd paper you have blank's for this pupose, But if you doe not knowe these sues now can collect them out of yor. Bookes, then send us in a Letter the weight and Tale of all the new Money's coyned till such & such periods of time, when you did both weigh & tell all the Money's they Coyn'd, deviding the {illeg} whole Coynage into five or six Periods,    Lett the Ablest of yor Clerkes be imploy'd in Consulting & Comparing yor. bookes & Computing what is necessary out of them, but least not the Computatacon of a single Clerke now any other Eyes than yor. owne, And lett the Enclos'd or a faire copy thereof fill'd up and sign'd by the officers be sent back in a Weeke or tenn dayes after the receipt therof or sooner if you can, And if there remaine any blank's wch. you cannott fill upp in that time, you may keepe a Copy of the paper you send me, to be fill'd upp more Compleately afterward's + sent to me as soone as, you have finish'd it, I have sent the same Paper's to all the Mints that yor. Accts. may be conformable to {illeg}|o|ne another, if therby the better fitted for the veiw {sic} of the Lord's, & putt in a Method for Auditing: so by Mr. Neale's consent & desire aswell as by the suggestion of the Lords, that I take care of this matter, and therfore I doubt not but you will have all the Assistance his Deputy & the Comptroller can give you, & the Free inspection of their Bookes. I am

yor. Loving Freind {sic}

Is: Newton

I {have} approve of this; & would have it punctually comply'd with

Tho: Neale

I desire Mr. Halley to take particular care of this matter.

Is: Newton

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