To the Officrs: of the Mint at Chester


The Lords of ye Treasury being very yt {a} complaint may be made by any Importers whatever for non{-}paymt: of their money, when it shall come due, & out in cou{rse} to be paid: Vpon our representation to their Lopps of the greate clamour yt will certainly arise if my private Importer should happen to be left unpaid; have given Vs for ye use & purpose aforesaid 1600£ for ye Mint at Chester to be employd for the paying such Importers only; & not to be used for any otehr purpose whatever 'tis all in Excheqr: bills & could not be otherwise. Now it must be yr. care & skill, & Wee hereby direct You to use it, to turne these bills into money, by getting the Receivrs. to take them: & to make them more willing so to doe, You are \to/ let them know how much 'twill be for ye publick service; & satisfac\t/ion of the Lords of the Treasury that ye private Importers be actually payd in Money And You must also tell them, that the Money they ley you have of them is to be kept for, & paid to, privat{e} Importrs only: And Wee cannot but be of opinion yt ye Receivers will doe what they can for ye reasons aforesd to comply with this publick service

And for what more will be wanting Wee shall sollicite, as there is occasion: & ye greate reading Wee find in ye Lords to gratify Importrs: & avoyd clamour makes Vs not doubt; but the other deficienys, when they can be ascertained will be provided by their Lopps in due time. Soe recommending this matter once more to yr prudence


Wee are yr Lovg Friends

Is Newton


Tho Neale

Tho Molyneux


Charles Mason

[1] London Augst 31 97


In yr: next give Notice of yr receipt of this

How many potts yr Melter has had from the beginning and if Mr Halley has receiv'd our Lettr: to inspect ye melting of ye plate

The bills will be sent next Saturday at furthest

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