After Our heart Commendacons, In pursuance of His Mats. Command signifyed by his Warrant upon a Report made by yourself & the Comptr of His Majestys Mint upon a Peticon of Sr. Richard Sandford Bart. Warden of the said Mint all which are hereunto annexed. These are to direct & require you out of the summe nott exceeding Four Hundred pounds ꝑ ann authorised by an Act 7mo: Annæ to be applied out of the Coynage Duty for the charge and expence of the Officers and others employed and to be employed in the prosecution of the Offences in counterfeiting diminishing or otherwise concerning the current coine of Great Britaine in that part thereof called England, to pay or cause to be paid to such person or persons as is or shall be employed by the Warden of the said Mint as Clerk and Sollicitor for apprehending & prosecuting Clippers & Counterfeiters of the Coine a sallary at the rate of Sixty pounds ꝑ ann to Commence from the 29th: day of Iuly 1715 being the date of His Majestys said Warrant, And also to pay or cause to be paid all such other allowances for travelling charges and other Incidents relating to the searching for, apprehending and prosecuting the said clippers and Counterfeiters in such manner & under such regulacons as are contained in the said annexed Report approved by His Mats as aforesaid. And for so doing this and the said annexed Warrant & Report being first entered in the offices of His Majestys Auditors of the Mint or one of them shall be your sufficient Warrant. Whitehall Treary Chambers 12 Sept 1715



Will St Quintin

Edwd. Wortley

[1] To Our very loving freind {sic} Sr. Isaac Newton Knt.
Master and Worker of His Majestys Mint
And to the Master & Worker thereof for the time being.

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