To the Right {Honourable} the Lords Commrs of His Majesty's Treasury.

May it Please your Lordships

I understand that the Money is Intended to be Coined according to the Forms expressd in the annexed Draughts. The Inscriptions, the Armes of Hannover, and the Crown above that Escutcheon, are drawn only in black Lead, that if any thing be amiss, it may be wiped out & amended without spoiling the Draughts. And because these parts of the Draught may be wiped out and changed, it will be convenient that they be described in Words in the Warrant for Coyning the Moneys: To wch: Warrant these Draughts are to be annexed if they be approved. If these Draughts are to be amended, or others made to be laid before the King in Council it shall be speedily done. The Warrant uses to be upon Order of Council and may express that the five pound peices {sic}, the forty shilling peices {sic}, the twenty shillings peices {sic}, and the ten shillings peices {sic} of Gold, be Coined after the Forms depicted in the two uppermost Figures, the Crowns, Half Crowns, Shillings and six pences after the Forms depicted in the two figures next below, and the Groats, Three pences, two pences and pence after the Forme of the larger silver Moneys on the Head side with this Inscription Georgius Dei Gratia, and on the Reverse after the Froms depicted in the four Figures below wch: the Numbers 4: 3. 2. & 1. crowned and this Inscription Mag: Bri: Fr: et Hib: Rex &c 1715. If in any of these Draughts the Work prove too much Crowded, it may be remedied hereafter by a new Warrant. For I fear that the Arms of Hannover will scarce be distinct upon the Half Guineas and sixpences.

All wch: is most humbly submitted to yor. Lops: great Wisd:

Is: Newton


[1] Mint Office Dec: 31: 1714.

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