After my hearty Comendacons. His Matie having bin pleasd to give fresh direccons for the Effectual prosecucon of Clippers and Coiners, and having also by letrs of privy Seal directed me to Cause all Clippings Clipped and false monyes, and also all Tooles & materials, and likeiwse any other Estate, as Ready money goods Chattles plate, debts, Specialtys, or other matters or things belonging to Clippers Countrfeiters or Debasers of the Coin or money of this Realm to be discovered or paid over from time to time (upon the Conviccon of the Offenders) to such person or persons as I should think fit to entrust for his Maties Vse, and upon Account to be Re{illeg}|n|dered for the same, And farther that I should take care in his Maties behalf, of such Lands or other real Estate as such offenders or any in trust for them may have at ye time of the Offences Comitted. I do therfore desire that when you or any of you shal Receive any informacons or Examinacons either in sessions or out of sessions touching any Clippers or other the Offenders aforesd, You do also make of Cause to be mae (as fully and as perfectly as you can Either by your own knowledg or by the best informacon you can get) a true account and Inventory of all the Clippings Clipped and false moneys Tools materials & also all ready money, goods, Chattles, plate, debts, Specialties, and Likewise of all lands and Tenements belonging to or in the possession of the persons against whom you Receive such informacon or Examinacon or any others in Trust for them, and to Transmit such account or Inventory together with attested Copys of the Informacons against such Offenders unto Owen Wynn Esqr. Warden of his Maties Mint in the Tower of Londo. who is to present them to me so that due Care may be taken for his Maties service in the premises And so I bid you heartily farewell, Whitehall Treary Chambers the 1.st. day of December. 1686.



Coppy of a Circular letr by the Earl of Rochester dated. 1st. Decembr. 86.

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