I humbly presume to lay before your Lordp the {conf} an Acct of ye several {illeg} of\what/ Warrant {illeg}|I| meet with directed to ye offi{illeg}|c|ers of ye Mint for altering the coyn upon e{illeg}|m|ergent occasions.

|1| A warrant dated 17 May 166{illeg}|2|. \directed to the W. M. & C. {illeg}|&| the rest of ye Officers & {illeg} to all workmen & other imployed in/ the service of ye Mint, for coyning such\the/ sorts of milled money there{illeg}|in| named of such forms \& described according/ to ye Draughts presented by to ye King by Henry Slingsby Es Deputy Master & Worker, & so soon soon {sic} as the buildings tools & engins \for making of milled money/ should be filled for service. {illeg} {illeg} signed Charles R & countersigned Edw Nich{illeg}|o|las.

|2| Another Warrant to ye same purpose \wth further directions about ye forms of ye new milled money Dated/ 5t Feb. 1662, signed Charles R countersigned Henry Bennet.

|4| A letter Warrant \22 Mar. 16889/ to Tho. Neale Es Master & {illeg}|W|orker requiring {illeg}|&| authori{illeg}|zing| him to give order to the Graver Engraver {illeg} to prepare puncheons letters & charges for the new monies accor{illeg}|ding| to the dra{illeg}|u|ghts shewed the king & approved by him & to make Dyes for coyning the same according to such directions at|s| the Engraver shall from time to time receive from ye said Mr Neale. Dated Signed William R. Countersigned Godolphin, IEraly|e|. Ste Fox. No seale.

|5| A letter to ye Warden Master & Comptroller \13 Iune 1689/ signifying the kings pleasure th{illeg}|at| the Arms be impressed on ye money as is depicted in the Margin. Signed Norfolk & Marshal.

|6| A warrant {illeg} 19 Iune 1689 to Tho. Neale Es Master & Worker commanding & authorizing him to impress the arms upon the mon{illeg}|ey| as depicted in a draught by direction of ye Duke of Norfolk E. M. of England |& shewed unto & approved by the king| /sealed & {illeg}|si|gned William R & countersigned Nottingham\

|7| A warrant 12. Sept. 1691 to ye Warden Mr & Comptroller signifying their Majts pleasure that ye Impressions on ye money are to be as depicted {illeg}|i|n ye Margin of wch the Officers of ye Mint are to take notice of & conform to. Signed Norfolk & Marshal.

|8| A warrant 1{5} {illeg}\thereupon/ 15 Sept 1691 Signed like that of 19 Iune 1689 \{illeg}/ countersigned Nottingham.

|9| A warrant of ye Earl Marshal 21 Ian 1694 dat being after the death of Q Mary.

|3| A warrant 16 Feb to ye Commrs for executing the Office of Mr & Wr {illeg}|r|equiring & authorizing them to order the chief Graver to prepare puncheons letters & charges for ye small silver coyns according to ye drau{illeg}|{g}|hts shewed unto ye King & approved by him & \{wth}/ dyes for coyning, according to such Directions as the said Graver shall from time to time receive from ye said Commrs Signed Iames R. countersigned Rochester, not sealed.

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