To the Right Honble the Lord High Treasurer of England.

May it please yor Lordp

In obedience to yor Lordps Order I have considered what may be requisite for lodging her Majties Tin in the Mint & delivering it out at a certain price & paying the money into the Exchequer, and am humbly of opinion that I can do it wth two Clerks added to my own to enter the number & weight of the Blocks of Tin received & delivered & compute the price keep an account of incidents, & wth so many Porters as shall be necessary upon occasions, one of wch may be constant if continual attendance shall be required; and wth the use of the Master & Worker's Offices & Rooms so far as they may be wanted & spared from the coynage, & of the Cranes of the Office of Ordnance, & liberty of carrying the Tin between Tower Wharf & the Mint over the Draw-bridge, an Officer of the Customes being directed to attend the ships there.

Some things are also to be provided as Scales & Weights Sledges & Pulleys & Stamps for numbring {sic} the Blocks. And it maybe {sic} convenient that their weight be stamped on them either in Cornwall or at their Receipt in the Tower.

And since the Tin is to be delivered out at a certain price I am humbly of opinion that the Blocks should be delivered as they come to hand without giving leave to the Merchant to pick & chuse, setting aside only unlawfull Blocks to be reexamined by your Lordps Order & remelted if any shall occurr.|,| |& remelted or otherwise disposed of.| And that the Tin be delivered only for ready money, & \the money/ be paid into the Exchequer as often as it rises to a certain summ to be named by yor Lordp, & accounted for annually.

All wch is most humbly submitted to yor Lordps great wisdome


{Is. Newton}

[1] Mint Office 30 Octob. 1703.

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