Vpon the receipt of your Letter I went to my Ld Chancellour's to speak wth him about it, but he was gone into ye Country for some days. Then I discoursed the matter wth> one of my follow Officers, & it being observed that the duplicate of the Order of the Council wch was sent you for attending the trial of the Pix, being \was expresly/ directed to ye General the Master & the Warden of your Mint, expresly{sic} \we apprehended that/ none of those three Officers can be excused from obeying the summons without a new Order of\but by the/ Council it self. T|M|r Scot {sic} being Deputy both to ye late Master & to your self & having coyned {{illeg}|the|} money to be tried |is best able to answer any questions wch may arise about it {illeg} &| {illeg}|m|ight, on that account, {{illeg}|b|}e a proper person to attend the trial \in your room/ if it were done wth ye consent |especially {sin}| of all parties concerned. But to get the consent\approbation/ of her Majty or Council will be difficult. I am wth all respect



[1] Mr Montgomerie.

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