Much Honoured

Vpon the want of money for carraying on the bussines of the Mint here, Occasioned by the death of Mr Daniell Stuart Late Collector the Bullion money in whose executors hands the Same now Lyes, And the other circumstances of this Mint, The Earl of Lauderdale \as/ Generall has thought fitt to send a Memoriall to my Lord Treasurer this night. Copy wherof I send you inclosed, Allardise the Comptroller and I have drawn up a Memoriall which the Generall also agreed to And Allardise goeing out of town Signed it and it was to have been signed by the Generall, the Comptroller and myself. but my Lord thought fitt to alter somewhat of it, and Allardise not being present. My Lord has only signed the Memoriall sent up, The Copy of that Memoriall I also give you the trouble of aCopy of it, which will serve for a memorandum of what we propose to have done, The whole I presume being to be Recommended by my Lord Treasurer to your Self and the other officers of the {P}{illeg}|Mint| in the tower, Likewise I send ane account of the present officers belonging to this Mint and their Sallaries and of what Servants have bein added since the Union and of what Surcharge the former officers have taken upon them with respect to the new Establishment in conformity with your Mint. The Scots Act of parliament 1686 Establishing this Mint related to in the Memoriall, Sir David Nairn will furnish you with <168v> it. Dr Gregorys report to my Lord Treasurer you have also aCopy of it. The Generall desired me to send you this Letter from him, The other inclosed is from the Secretary of the Colledge of Physitians All the officers of the Mint depend verry much upon you in this matter, we doe want to have our Selvis put upon some establishment. for the truth is the Vnion has disconcerted our foundation intirely, Sir David Nairn is to deliver My Lord Treasurer the Generalls Letter and Memoriall I have sent Sir David aCopy of it also, He will be verry ready to doe all he can to Serve us, I must intreat the continuance of your favour on this occasion which will put a Lasting obligation upon all the officers of the Mint and in particular upon

Much Honoured


Your most obedient, and
most oblidged humble servant




Sir Isaac Newton

[1] Edinbrugh Iuly 12t 1708

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