Catalogue Entry: MINT00849

'Chaloner's Case'. A history of Chaloner's crimes since 1690, largely summarising the confessions of other coiners.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Mint 19/I.501-2, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Having turned from japanning to false coining, Chaloner became very expert in his new trade; after being detected, he escaped execution by betraying an accomplice and returned to his old ways.


[Note on dating: Chaloner was executed on 22 March 1699: see Westfall, 575.]

[1] Taylor Green

[2] Chaloner

[3] Taylor

[4] Tho. & Eliz. Holloway

[5] Tho. Holloway

[6] Eliz. Holloway


[8] Newbolt

[9] Peers

[10] Tho. Holloway

[11] Eliz Holloway

[12] Iohn Holloway

[13] Newbolt. Reuse &c

[14] Newbolt. Chaloner.

[15] Mrs Low

[16] Newbolt

[17] Mr Newton

[18] Labree.

[19] Peers. Tho. Holloway. Saker.

[20] Ha

[21] {T}ho. Holloway

[22] Th. Holloway

[23] Hicks Peers

[24] Chaloner Warden

[25] Tho. Holloway

[26] Hanwel. Iohn Holloway.

[27] Iohn Holloway.

[28] Peers

[29] Th. Holloway.

[30] Tho. Holloway

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