Catalogue Entry: MINT00558

Holograph draft memorandum on recent legislation concerning the purchase of plate at a premium by the Mint and the validity of Mint receipts for payments to the government.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Mint 19/II.539-40, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Proposal that the Mint pay 5s. per ounce on account for plate received after 14 May 1711. Drafts of authorisation for such payment and of the receipt and disclaimer to be signed by vendors.


[Note on dating: refers to legislation of 19 June 1711; Attorney General Edward Northey responded to the document on 24 July 1711 (NC, 5: 177).]

Draft of T. 1/135.36, MINT00965 (printed in NC, 5: 175-7, and partially in Shaw, 173-6. NC, 5 appends the receipt and disclaimer, which do not appear in the Treasury version, from this document).

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