Catalogue Entry: MINT00268

'Of Credit good & bad, and of the usefulness of the former' (changed from 'Of Credit good & counterfeit, & of the usefulness of the first & danger of the last').

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MINT 19/2/631-2, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Memorandum constituting part 3 of Newton's 'Observations on Mr P's Reply'. Rejects Pollexfen's comparison of paper money to counterfeit coin. Credit backed by good security, such as bills of exchange, bank bills, Exchequer bills, malt tickets, Million Lottery tickets, annuity tickets, etc., can be treated exactly like coin. It is the perceived value that matters.

Followed by a collection of preparatory notes for this and the foregoing parts of the 'Observations'.

Complete copy of the 'Observations' in Pierpont Morgan Library, Acc. No. MA317(7).

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