Catalogue Entry: MINT00061

Original royal indenture confirming Newton's mastership and setting out his duties.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MINT 19/1/382-394, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Copy in PRO, C66/3437, calendared in Challis, History, 749-50. Another copy in Trinity College, Cambridge, R.4.48d.

[1] Indenture between her Majesty + Isaac Newton Esqre (now Sir Isaac Newton Knight) Master and Worker of her Majesties Mint

[2] Recitall of Letters Patents

[3] To enjoy the said Office during her Majesties pleasure etc

[4] Recital that this Indenture is pursuant to the said Letters Patents

[5] Grant of the said Office of Master + Worker to the said Esqre. Newton with the yearly pention of 500l &c

[6] Covenant in what manner the said pention shall be paid.

[7] Grants all Edifices &c

[8] + power to exercise the said

[9] Recitall of Acts of Parliament that all moneys thereby applied for the use of the Mint be paid by warrant of the Lord Treasurer applied to no other use

[10] The Master to receive his payments and disbursements out of her Majesties Exchequer

[11] + shall be allowed all payments made pursuant to the said Acts

[12] Esqre. Newton to make 4 sorts of gold moneys

[13] 10s. piece

[14] 20s piece

[15] 40s piece

[16] 5£ piece

[17] the value + fineness

[18] The Master to have 6s: 6d per pound for wasts + to pay the Moniers 3s.

[19] The Remedy for the Gold Moneys

[20] 8 sorts of silver moneys

[21] The Crown

[22] 12 Crown

[23] shilling

[24] 12 shilling

[25] Groat

[26] 12 sixpence

[27] 12 Groat

[28] penny

[29] the value + fineness of the silver

[30] That the said moneys shall bee agreable in fineness to the Standards of the Treasury

[31] The Master to have 1s: 4d12 per pound weight out of the silver + to pay the Moniers 8d.

[32] + to pay the Warden yearly 1435li.

[33] The Remedy for the Silver Money

[34] how the Bullion shall bee received into the Mint

[35] The Warden Comptroller + Clerk paper to enter al Bullion + lock it up with 3 keys

[36] That they shall also keep several Books of melting

[37] The Pott Assay

[38] how Bullion near the Standard shall be received

[39] a Privy mark to be put on the Moneys

[40] The Warden + Comptroller to oversee the making of Moneys &

[41] The duty of the Surveyor of the meltings

[42] The money to be lock'd up with 3 keys till proof made thereof

[43] how the Pix is to be assayed

[44] The triall of the Pix

[45] If the same be worse then standard + within the remedy then to bee entered on record

[46] The like if it be better + within the remedy

[47] If without the remedy the Master to be fined

[48] Gravers &c

[49] + power to punish them

[50] Differences betwixt the Master + Merchant to be tried by the Assaymaster

[51] All Officers of the Mint to have free passage thro' the Tower gates

[52] The Warden Master + Comptroller to attend weekly

[53] the Master to pay half the Diet

[54] her Majesties the other half

[55] how the Warden shall account

[56] The Officers of the Mint to enjoy all houses there

[57] Order for the Moniers &c

[58] The Master sworn to perform these Covenants.

[59] + gives Sureties

[60] The Master to bring in Gold + Silver to be coined

[61] + he to beare all wasts &c

[62] what salaries are to be paid by the Warden

[63] The Master to bring all gold + silver he receives into the Mint to be coined except healing pieces &c

[64] Two piles of English weights to be made

[65] + two Piles of Scottish weights

[66] The Master to accompt yearly

[67] what moneys are to be paid by the Master to the Warden

[68] The Warden Master + Comptroller &c to swear not to discover the secret of lettering the moneys &c

[69] The Provost + Moniers not to vend any Monies till assayed + pixed.

[70] None to dwell in the Mint without consent

[71] The Comptrollers Roll

[72] The Master to pay the Officers for rounding the moneys

[73] Incouragement for the Moniers to make Small Coyns

[74] + how they are to deliver the moneys

[75] The Duty of the Clerke of the Irons

[76] + his account

[77] The Gravers to work only in the Mint

[78] Order about sizing the Moneys

[79] The Provost + Moniers to attend duly otherwise to be punished

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