Iohn Conduitt Esqr

Member of Parliament



Good Sir

I received yours. you may please to pay that small sum to Mr Bettesworth bookseller in Pater noster row. I have heard of some letters of Sir Isaacs to a friend near Colsterworth when he was young in the university. I shall give you an account of them if there be any thing that may prove historical. the reverend Mr: Annesley minister of Ingoldby was the person who promised to get me the letters to Dr. Covel you will have an opportunity of seeing him personally at the bar of your house on a complaint of Sir G– Heathe – about suing a tenant of his, before any body could possibly know he was his servant         I have heard of your dissensions at the royal society. I shall send Dr. Rutty next week an account of a roman mosaic pavement discovered near us last week. You may please to talk with Mr Annesley & if you befriend him, it will be a good act, in opposing a great piece of violence. I am Good Sir

Your most obliged & obedient servant

Wm: Stukeley

Feb. 29. 1727-8.

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