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Iohn Conduit Esquire

in Great George Street

Hanover Square





Good Sir!

This morning I received from you the Melancholy News of that truly great & good Gentleman's Death Sir Isaac Newton: And I have according to your desire made Sir Isaac's Heir & Representative, who is the Bearer of this, acquainted with it, but God knows a poor Representative of so great a man, but this is a case that often happens. —– There are two Families of the Newton's in this Parish, both descended from the 2'd & 3d Brother's of Sir Isaac Newton's Father. – the 2'd Brother was Robert Newton from whom the Bearer of this Iohn Newton is descended, the 3d was Richard from whom descends Robert Newton now living in this Parish, so that without dispute Iohn Newton the Bearer is Heir to the estate not devised by will. ——— Sir Isaac was born in the year 1642 as appears by our Parish Register. — Isaac the son of Isaac & Hannah Newton was baptized Ianuary 1st 1642. – but I don't know the Day of his Birth. Neither do I exactly know how long the Mannour of Woolsthorpe has been in Sir Isaac Newton's Family, but the first Newton that I can find at Woolsthorpe was Robert Newton Sir Isaacs Grandfather, & him I take to be the first Lord thereof, but I may be mistaken. ——— Sir Isaac was educated at Grantham School under one Mr. Stokes, & therefore Dr. Stukely in his Itinerarium is guilty of two mistakes, one in saying that He was born at Colsterworth & was Lord of that Mannour, the other that He was brought up under the famous Particle Walker who was Rectour. of Colsterworth & kept here a private Grammar School, but Sir Isaac was at least 22 years <2> old when Mr. Walker was made Rectour, so that in all probability Sir Isaac was admitted in Trinity College before that time. ——– This is all that I at present can think of, but if you have any farther commands, they shall very readily be obeyed by

Worthy Sir

your most obedient Humble Servant

Tho: Mason.

P.S: Sir Isaac Newton in the Days of his Health & Prosperity used to talk pretty much about founding & endowing a school in Woolsthorpe for the use of the Parish, as the Neighbours & his Relations inform me. – I my self never knew him but in his declining years, having been but six years Rectour, but He used to talk with me pretty much upon that subject, tho' his dying without a will leaves no room for any such hopes: —

Colsterworth March 23th. 17267

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