London june 4. 1673.


I herewith send you Monsieur Hugens's present, which came lately to my hands amongst some other Copies, which he presenteth other members of the R. Society with. When you shall haue perused and consider'd it, I doubt not but you will return him your acknowledgements together with your thoughts of the book; which latter is the end, why he sends copies of it to learned men.

I forgot hitherto to send you the receipt for the 26 shillings; which kind of payment you need not henceforth trouble yourself about: And I could heartily wish, you would passe by the incongruities, that may haue been committed by one or other of our Body towards you, and consider, that barely any Company will be found in the world, in which there is not some or other that wants discretion, you may be satisfied, that the Body in general esteems and loves you, which I can assure you of, fide viri boni, who am with all integrity

Sir your humble and faithful servant



To his honor'd Friend Mr Isaac Newton, Professor of the Mathematiques

At his chamber in Trinity Colledge in


With a {illeg}le of a Book.

The bright foot of of & Cauda is

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