Cambridg March 16th 1671.


The book which my Carrier by forgetfulnesse disappointed me of the last week I have now received & thank you for it. With the Telescope which I made I have sometimes seen remote objects & particularly the Moon very distinct in those parts of it which were neare the sides of the visible angle. And at other times when it hath been otherwise put together it hath exhibited things not without some confusion. which difference I attributed chiefely to some imperfection that might possibly be either in the figures of the metalls or eye glasse, & once I found it caused by a little tarnishing of the Metall in 4 or 5 days of moist weather.

One of the Fellows of our College is making such another Telescope with which last night I looked on Jupiter & he seemed as distinct & sharply defined as I have seen him in other Telescopes. When he hath finished it I will examin more strictly & send you an account of its performances, For it seemes to be somthing better then that which I made.

Your humble servant

I. Newton



To Henry Oldenburg Esquire
at his house about the middle
of the old Pall-mail in



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Received March 18. 71.

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