Whereas a Libel dated 7 June 1713 was pretended to be written to Mr Leibnitz at his request, & was inserted into another Libel dated 29 July 1713, & both of them were by the procurement of Mr Leibnitz published without the names of the authors or printer or place in Germany where they were printed & were dispersed by Mr Leibnitz & his correspondents; & whereas the said Libel of 7 June 1713 is newly reprinted in the Novelles Litterair{es} at the Hague under the title of a Letter written by Mr John Bernoulli of Basil: these are to give notice that the true author of that Letter, speaks of Mr John Bernoulli as distinct from himself in these words [quemadmodum ab eminente quodam Mathematico dudum notatum est] which words are fraudulently omitted in the Novelles Litteraires. The aforesaid two Libells are both of them written in the style of Mr Leibnitz. And if he pretends that he did not write them himself, he knows the authors, & it lies upon him to discover his confederates. It lies upon Mr Bernoulli also to clear himself from being the author of the Letter here laid to his charge, or else to justify it against the Answer made to it by Dr John Keill.

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