In answer to the Memorial of Mr Nicholson & Mr Briggs I humbly represent that I told them that without a Warrant from the King I could not receive copper in blanks nor coin money with round edges for the people, that Mr Appleby & Mr Hines having all things ready for a triall were to coyne their five Tunns in the first place & that when I was ready for the Memorialists I would give them notice, but it would take up some time first to prepare for a tryall. There is no difficulty in rounding the edges of the blanks, & I have not delivered another Cutter to Mr Appleby & Mr Hines, & they are not contractors with your Lordships, but my servants upon tryal & good behaviour. know And if the Minimalists have built furnaces & prepared a sufficient quantity of copper ready for the cutters, & been at sufficient charges in preparing the same they have done it contrary to my advice & without staying for sufficient authority & can blame no body but themselves if they should lose their charges.

All which &c

Is. Newton


Globus aquæ 1 dig. diametro pendebat 132,8 grana & globus plumbei huic æqualis pendebat 132,8×1112gr=132801328664}=1527,2gr. Globus plumbei duplo diametro =12217,6gr. Pondus globi aquei huic æqualis =1062,4gr. Pondus globi aeris huic æqualis =1,235349gr. Pondus globi plumbei in vacuo 12218,83539 1,235349.12218,83539513dig. 61094,1769552671.dig=2F 04072,94513= 65167,12108 61767,45000 03999,67116.112.1|32.3|64.6. 02470,698 00828,973129.258.37ad1.437+17 00074,1310 00008,7763 00008,6474 00000,1289 4389.ped3dig. F=2194.ped712dig. Globus pondere suo 12318,8354 tempore 1 describit in vacuo dig 19313dig et pondere 12217,6 dig 193

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