London Feb. 11. 16967.


This morning Collonel Blunt the Kings first Engineer was with me & acquainted me with a designe the King had to allow 10shillings per diem for two Masters to teach Engineering (I meane the Mathematical grounds of it) two hours each day to those of the Army who will come to hear them publickly, Engineers & Officers & others who shall have the curiosity & capacity. I proposed you as a fit person to be one of the two if you should think fit to accept of the thing. By bringing you acquainted with the Officers & making you known to the King it may be a means of making way for something better. The Collonel will call on me 7 or 8 days hence for your answer. I am

Your faithfull friend to serve you

Is. Newton.

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I wrote to you the last Post
for an Engineers place. I question
whether you can have both.

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For Mr Edmund Halley
Controller of the Mint at


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