Stoake. July 13th. 1672.


I think I told you that I had altered my resolution of printing my Dioptrick Lectures. And for the exercise about Infinite series I am not yet resolved, not knowing when I shall proceed to finish it. I will inquire of some of our Booksellers whether they will purchase Mr Pitts his copy of Kinckhuysen & if not I will send it you. In the meane while I would know whether Mr Pitts thinks it will be more advantageous to print the Author without alteration, or to insert those notes which you formerly saw, that I may according send them with the Copy or detain them. Mr Gregorys Problem of finding the solidity of the second segments of a Sphere & yours of finding the surfaces of inclined round solids may be solved divers ways by infinite series, as I find by considering them in generall, but I foresee the calculations are intricate & unpleasant which has made me neglect them, not thinking them worth transmitting to you. If I ever applyed Gunters Sector to the resolving of affected æquations it hath now slipt out of my memory. Possibly it might be Gunters line which being set upon 3 or 4 severall rulers is of ready use for finding the 2 or 3 first figures of any affected æquatio{n} but there is no difficulty in the invention. And if it be the same which you meane, you may command it. The way of resolving æquations of 5 or 6 dimensions, by a locus linearis was I beleive by the intersection of that & a Conick Section, something after the manner that Des-Cartes hath <23v> done it, but more conveniently in my opinion, because the same locus linearis once described will serve for the resolving of all Equations of those dimensions. And as I remember the calculations to that intent are shorter & lesse intricate. I am at present in Northampton shire whither your letter was sent to me from Cambridge: But hope within 8 or 9 days to be at Cambridge to receive what you may send thither if you shall have occasion to write to

Your humble & much
obliged Servant


There are three more of Mr Kersies Bookes of Algebra desired in Cambridg for which at present you may subscribe my name.



To Mr John Collins at
Mr William Austins house
over against the Adam & Eve in Petty France in

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